Giving Start-ups in the Healthcare Industry a go to Market acceleration boost

Why Bastion Brands

Bastion Brands is Australia’s leading health marketing expert, and the fastest growing specialist healthcare communications firm in the market.

Bastion Brands is Australia’s fastest-growing, leading independent healthcare marketing and communications agency.

We understand the health market. We know how to help brands and businesses persuade and influence. We also want to do our best to help Australia’s recovery, health and well-being, by using our communications expertise to support smart healthcare start-ups accelerate towards success.

Importantly, we believe the time is ripe for innovation and so to usher in the golden age of this new thinking, we are proud to offer our services to help great ideas come to fruition.

In the healthcare space, we understand how long it can take for new development to see the light of day, and the importance of having the right story behind you to capture imaginations and drive success.

As the experts in branding communications, Bastion Brands will elevate your great idea through a compelling storyline and unique suite of communications, to help your product get noticed by investors and healthcare industry peers and specialists alike.

About - Bastion Brands Boost initiative

We believe that not even a global pandemic can stop creativity, ingenuity, innovation and genius! In fact, it’s more vital than ever that new ideas get the support they need to get-to-market, faster.

So to help Australia’s business recovery, and to improve health and wellness in our community, Bastion Brands are proud to launch the Boost Initiative

What is it?

The Bastion Brands Boost Initiative is a branding and marketing support acceleration program designed to give start-ups in the healthcare industry the ‘extra boost’ to their projects, in terms of ‘next steps’ to market.

Through a (confidential) ‘Shark Tank’- style assessment process, the Booster Initiative will judge a twice-yearly winner who will each receive $25,000 worth of marketing support, counsel, design and creativity from Australia’s fastest-growing healthcare agency, Bastion Brands.

From the next virus tracker app to a new heart valve design, we want to see those brilliant ideas, amazing innovations, tech tools and med-device developments that could offer life-changing benefits to the health of Australians – and beyond.

Are You Right For Bastion Brands’ Boost?

If marketing and communications are critical to the next phase of your growth – whether to shape and prepare you for pitching your idea to investors, or shaping a go-to-market launch campaign – then YES!

You might be at an early stage, with little more than an idea and a huge belief in success. Or, your business might be a much further developed start-up with fully developed ideas and are ready for commercialisation. So long as you have a scalable, high growth idea which is a valuable solution to Australia’s healthcare needs, and you need marketing support NOW, then have a go!


How it works

Step 1

Fill out the application form on (website link). It’s completely confidential. Deadline for this ‘round’ is April 1, 2022.

Step 2

We’ll review all applications, and let you know if you were successful by April 15, 2022.

Step 3

If successful, (three ‘finalists’ will be selected per round) , we’ll brief you on the criteria for a 12-minute presentation to our selection panel (via Zoom). Presentations will take place by April 29, 2022.

Step 4

You make your pitch. A winner is announced by May 13, 2022.

Step 5

The winner is provided with a $25,000 package of marketing counsel and creativity support from Bastion Brands, to be used within six months.

The winner will be the business which the selection panel believes most clearly demonstrates

  1. A compelling case on why your business can become an important company that transforms its chosen market.

  2. An idea that will add a valuable new solution in healthcare that will benefit the health and wellbeing of Australians – and beyond.

  3. A marketing and communications imperative that will benefit most from the skills and expertise Bastion Brands can add to your business with our Booster pro-bono support package.

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